Canadian Routing Numbers

Canadian Routing Numbers is a nine digits numerical codes used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Canada. It is used by Canadian Banks, Credit Unions and Trust Companies for Electronic Fund Transactions (EFT) within Canada.

Transit Number of ROYAL BANK OF CANADA Bank / Financial Institute is = 05912-003.
Branch NameTransit/MICR NumberRouting NumberPost CodeAddress
Westgate Shopping Centre Branch01326-003301326K1Z 7L31309 Carling Ave
Wellington & McCormick Branch01216-003301216K1Y 2Y91145 Wellington St
The Towne Centre Branch00156-003300156K1M 1M225 Beechwood Ave
St. Laurent & Smyth Branch00886-003300886K1G 1A41930 St Laurent Blvd
Sparks & Metcalfe00006-003300006K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Somerset & Lorne Branch00996-003300996K1Y 2Y9c/o 1145 Wellington St
RT-Ottawa/Billings Bridge03574-003303574K1H 8K22269 Riverside Dr
RT-Main Branch – Ottawa03394-003303394K1P 5B490 Sparks St
RT-Elmvale03554-003303554K1G 1A41930 St Laurent Blvd
RT-Commercial Mtges – Ottawa02353-003302353K1P 5T690 Sparks St-2nd Flr
Private Banking Ottawa00016-003300016K1P 6L250 OConnor St-9th Flr/Suite 915
Ottawa-South Keys Shopping Centre Br00909-003300909K1V 1J62212 Bank St-Unit A
Ottawa Real Estate Markets08839-003308839K1P 5T690 Sparks St-2nd Flr
Ottawa Project Loan Centre00506-003300506K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Ottawa ON – Ontario P/S15087-003315087K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Ottawa Centre Personal Banking01376-003301376K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Ottawa Business Service Centre01386-003301386K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Ottawa Business Banking Centre01416-003301416K1P 5T690 Sparks St-2nd Flr
Ottawa BBC Special Loans00936-003300936K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Ottawa Bank & Argyle Branch01108-003301108K2P 1Z2475 Bank St
OTT-RT-Carlingwood Shopping Ctr Br03564-003303564K2A 1H22121 Carling Ave
OTT-Carlingwood Shopping Centre Br09057-003309057K2A 1H22121 Carling Ave
Montreal Rd & St Laurent Blvd Br00666-003300666K1K 0V1551 Montreal Rd
Lester B. Pearson Building Branch01016-003301016K1A 0G2125 Sussex Dr
KBI Ottawa-Information Technology07500-003307500K1P 5T690 Sparks St-2nd Flr
Fairlawn Plaza Branch00606-003300606K2A 1H12158 Carling Ave
Elgin & Lisgar Branch00576-003300576K2P 1L5200 Elgin St-Main Flr
Dealer Direct Financing Ctr07802-003307802K1M 1M229 Beechwood Ave Ste 200
Corporate Real Estate BKG Ottawa-Pay07151-003307151K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Corporate Real Estate BKG Ottawa07199-003307199K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Business Banking Ctr Ottawa Corp01196-003301196K1P 5T690 Sparks St
Billings Bridge Plaza Br00536-003300536K1H 8K22269 Riverside Dr
Billings Bridge Br00776-003300776K1H 8K22269 Riverside Dr
Bank & Somerset Br00336-003300336K2P 1X6290 Bank St
Bank & Queen Branch00236-003300236K1P 6B999 Bank St
Bank & Heron Br00226-003300226K1H 7Z11535 Bank St
Bank & First Avenue Branch00116-003300116K1S 3V3745 Bank St
114 Rideau St Retail Services00236-003300556K1N 5X2114 Rideau St
*CSM* Metropolitan Life Insurance Co00276-003300276K1P 6B999 Bank St
*CSM* Met Life-Voluntary Group Retrn01186-003301186K1P 5K499 Bank St
*CSM* Met Life-Regular Pap Returns01176-003301176K1P 5K499 Bank St
*CSM* Met Life Other Group Returns05912-003305912K1P 5K499 Bank St

What is Transit Number?

Transit number or MICR number known for check processing. It appears in the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks to determine financial institution, it draws. Paper (MICR) routing number is determined by a three-digit number and a five financial institutions the number of branches.

Example :XXXXX-YYY
XXXXX : Branch Number
YYY : Institution Number

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

Routing Number

The Routing Number is used for domestic transfer. To make money transfer, the Routing Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient. For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Routing Number and Account Number.