Canadian Routing Numbers

Canadian Routing Numbers is a nine digits numerical codes used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Canada. It is used by Canadian Banks, Credit Unions and Trust Companies for Electronic Fund Transactions (EFT) within Canada.

Transit Number of TORONTO DOMINION BANK Bank / Financial Institute is = 19162-004.
Branch NameTransit/MICR NumberRouting NumberPost CodeAddress
York & Adelaide17432-004417432M5H 3L5141 Adelaide St
Yonge St. and Adelaide03172-004403172M5C 1T4110 Yonge St.
Yonge and Eglinton Branch03222-004403222M4P 2C62263 Yonge Street
Yonge & Teddington Park19842-004419842M4N 2M83415 Yonge St
Yonge & Teddington03332-004403332M4N 2M83415 Yonge St
Yonge & Marlborough19602-004419602M4T 2V42 St. Clair Ave E
Yonge & Marlborough19672-004419672M4W 2M11148 Yonge St
Yonge & Imperial03202-004403202M4S 1Z61955 Yonge St
Yonge & Eglinton Branch04752-004404752M4P 2C62263 Yonge Street
Yonge & Eglinton16792-004416792M4P 2C62263 Yonge St
Yonge & Eglinton19202-004419202M4P 2C62263 Yonge St
Yonge & Eglinton19212-004419212M4P 2C62263 Yonge St
Yonge & Eglinton19282-004419282M4P 2C62263 Yonge St
Yonge & Eglinton19222-004419222M4S 2A92169 Yonge St
Yonge & Bedford Park19122-004419122M4N 2L13174 Yonge St
Yonge & Bedford Park19522-004419522M4N 2L13174 Yonge St
Yonge & Bedford Park19832-004419832M4N 2L13174 Yonge St
Yonge & Adelaide04952-004404952M5C 1T4110 Yonge St.
Web Business Banking54182-004454182M5K 1A2100 Wellington St, 6th Floor, TD Tower
Warden & St Clair15292-004415292M3L 3Z5673 Warden Ave
Waived Fees-CRP Clients22432-004422432M5K 1A2100 Wellington St West CPT 30th Flr
Visa PI/CEI07011-004407011M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W 18 Flr,300
Visa ASG CDA36992-004436992M5K 1K618th Floor, C.U. Tower, P.O. Box 300
VISA ASG07042-004407042M5K 1K6100 Wellington St W CPT 18th Fl
University Ave Financial Centre18322-004418322M5G 1W8465 University Ave & Dundas St W
University & Dundas07352-004407352M5G 1W8465 University Ave.
Toronto-Dominion Centre10202-004410202M5K 1A255 King St W, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto-Dominion Centre14952-004414952M5K 1A255 King St W, P O Box 1 Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto Yorkdale03382-004403382M6A 2T93401 Dufferin Street
Toronto York Mills03372-004403372M2L 1A92518 Bayview Ave
Toronto Woodington03742-004403742M4C 1H61684 Danforth Ave
Toronto Winona05712-004405712M6C 1C1870 St clair Ave West
Toronto Weston03352-004403352M9N 1W81979 Weston Rd
Toronto St Clair Vaughn06612-004406612M6C 1C1870 St Clair Ave West
Toronto Runnymede03752-004403752M6S 1N62220 Bloor St W
Toronto Roncesvalles05432-004405432M6R 2M9382 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto Pape12882-004412882M4K 3V6991 Pape Avenue
Toronto Pape16172-004416172M4K 3V6991 Pape Avenue
Toronto O’Connor05752-004405752M4B 2S7801 O’Connor Drive
Toronto Mt Pleasant05892-004405892M4G 4E21511 Bayview Ave
Toronto Lee03922-004403922M4E 1C92044 Queen St East
Toronto Leaside02552-004402552M4G 4E21511 Bayview Ave
Toronto Lawrence Plaza03282-004403282M6A 2A13114 Bathurst St
Toronto Lansdowne St Clair06582-004406582M6E 1C31347 St Clair Ave West
Toronto Glencairn10642-004410642M6B 1Z1500 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto Glen Cairn05222-004405222M6B 1Z1500 Glencairn Ave
Toronto Front05002-004405002M5J 2T2161 Bay Str at Front
Toronto Erskine00572-004400572M4P 2H62453 Yonge Street
Toronto Eglinton & Short06072-004406072M6E 2J61886 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto Dundas02462-004402462M5T 1G6413 Dundas Street West
Toronto Dominion Centre (Pers)10102-004410102M5K 1A255 King St W, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto Dominion Centre10212-004410212M5K 1A255 King St W, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto Dominion Centre18402-004418402M5K 1A255 King St. W. & Bay St.
Toronto Danforth00322-004400322M4C 1N23060 Danforth Ave
Toronto College06772-004406772M6G 1B4632 College Street
Toronto Castle Knock00312-004400312M5N 1A6472 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto Bloor at Bathurst01352-004401352M6G 1K1574 Bloor St W.
Toronto Bathurst01322-004401322M6G 1K1574 Bloor St W.
Toronto Adelaide00102-004400102M5C 1T4110 Yonge Street
The Queensway17362-004417362M8Y 1H6125 The Queensway
The Galleria Mall11202-004411202M6H 2A61245 Dupont Street
The Distillery11952-004411952M5A 3R625 Mill Street
Term Deposit Cntlztion49312-004449312M5K 1A2100 Wellington St. W. 29th Fl CPT, 100 Wellington St 28th Fl CP Tower
TDSS Estate & Trust Operations29832-004429832M5S 1M277 Bloor St W 7th Floor
TDSS Estate & Trust Operations54192-004454192M5S 1M277 Bloor St. W. 7th Floor, 2nd Floor
TDS-Cash Management51242-004451242M5K 1A2100 Wellington Street CPT 30th Floor
TDCT FIS On-line Banking11482-004411482M5K 1A255 King Street W 24th Floor
TDC-Management CPO01402-004401402M5V 2Y1325 Front Street 4th Floor
TDAF Legal Entity09462-004409462M5K 1A255 King St W TD Tower 24 Flr, P.O. Box #1
TDAF Adjustment Centre06322-004406322M5K 1A255 King St W 39th Flr TDT
TD Waterhouse Canada Money Link Bran16682-004416682M4Y 2T177 Bloor St W 7th Floor, P O Box 1
TD Waterhouse Canada Money Link17012-004417012M4Y 2T177 Bloor St 7th Fl
TD Pension29812-004429812M5S 1M277 Bloor Street W 7th Floor
TD Centre Business Office10622-004410622M5K 1A255 King West,Concourse Level 1
TD Canada Trust Electronic Channels36582-004436582M5K 1A2King Street 55th Floor
TD Bank Subsidiary Companies10682-004410682M5K 1A2TD Centre Branch 55 King St W & Bay
TD Bank Special Quebec Customers40431-004440431M5K 1A220th Floor, TD Tower, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
TD Asset Finance85592-004485592M5K 1A266 Wellington St. W. 39th Fl
TD Agent Services88851-004488851M5K 1A266 Wellington St. W, 26th Floor TDT
Symcor Inc Wholesale Lockbox12512-004412512M5V 2Y1325 Front Street West
Symcor Inc Retail Lockbox53872-004453872M3C 2H48 Prince Andrew Centre
Symcor Exception Toronto Chequemate54752-004454752M3C 2H41 Prince Andrew Place
Symcor Exception Toronto Chequemate71622-004471622M3C 2H41 Prince Andrew Place
St. Clair Centre00262-004400262M4T 2V42 St. Clair Ave. E
St. Clair Centre03362-004403362M4T 2V42 St. Clair Ave. E
St. Clair & Winona16042-004416042M6C 1C1870 St. Clair Ave. West
St. Clair & Winona17622-004417622M6C 1C1870 St. Clair Ave. West
St. Clair & Winona17682-004417682M6C 1C1870 St. Clair Avenue West
St Clair & Yonge19682-004419682M4T 2V42 St Clair Ave E
St Clair & Runnymede13542-004413542M6N 4Z52555 St. Clair Ave W.
St Clair & Lansdowne17762-004417762M6E 1C31347 St Clair Ave. West
Special Loans Unit – OCE37982-004437982M6A 2T13140 Dufferin St.
Small Business Deposits57592-004457592M5K 1A2100 Wellington St 29th Fl CPT
SLU-Commercial Mortgage18112-004418112M6A 2T13140 Dufferin St
Shopping Concourse10242-004410242M5K 1A255 King St W, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Sheppard Centre19762-004419762M2N 5X24841 Yonge St
Sheppard Centre19772-004419772M2N 5X24841 Yonge St
Sheppard and Provost19292-004419292M2K 2X650 Provost Dr
Scarborough Town Centre17952-004417952M1P 4P5300 Borough Drive, Unit #36
SBB Segments & Distribution18142-004418142M5K 1A2100 Wellington St 28th Flr CPT, 100 Wellington St 27th Fl CPTower
SBB Loans Product21512-004421512M5K 1A2100 Wellington St 28th Flr CPT
SBB Credit18132-004418132M5K 1A2100 Wellington St 28th Flr CPT
SBB Central Ontario20432-004420432M6A 3A11 Yorkdale Pl Ste 503
Rosedale10872-004410872M4W 2E4408 Summerhill Avenue
Roncesvalles & Marmaduke17522-004417522M6R 2M9382 Roncesvalles Ave
RM Commercial Credit13932-004413932M5K 1A255 King St W 11th Fl TD Twr
Queen Street East and Lee16642-004416642M4E 1C92044 Queen Street East
Queen St E at Logon Ave12302-004412302M4M 1J3904 Queen St E
Queen And Parliament12222-004412222M5A 1T2363 Queen St E
Queen & Spadina12262-004412262M5B 2B1443 Queen St W
Queen & Spadina12272-004412272M5T 2B1443 Queen St W
Queen & Spadina14962-004414962M5V 2B1443 Queen St W
Queen & Spadina17042-004417042M5V 2B1443 Queen St W
Queen & Logan16722-004416722M4M 1J3904 Queen St E
Queen & Logan16962-004416962M4M 1J3904 Queen St E
Queen & Jameson16402-004416402M6R 1A11435 Queen St W
Queen & Euclid16362-004416362M6J 1E7686 Queen St W
Private Client Services Wealth Natio46262-004446262M5K 1A266 Wellington St W TD Tower 3rd Fl
Prepaid Funeral29822-004429822M5S 1M277 Bloor St W 7th Floor
Pic Operations77732-004477732M4Y 2T177 Bloor St West 7th Floor
Personal Loan Products21542-004421542M5K 1A255 King St W 18th Fl TD Tower, P.O. Box #1
PCS PB St Clair Ctre19582-004419582M4T 2V42 St. Clair Ave East 6th Floor
PCS PB King & Bay10432-004410432M5K 1A266 Wellington St W 2nd Fl
Payroll & Records Department11422-004411422M5K 1A223rd Floor Royal Trust Tower
Payments Distribution – Apex15782-004415782M2V 2Y1325 Front Street West 4th Floor
Outsourcing43632-004443632M4W 3H133 Bloor St West
Operational Risk – CAPM96412-004496412M5K 1A255 King St W 25th Flr
Operational Risk32272-004432272M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W 28th Fl CPT
NSF – Central27892-004427892M5K 1A255 King Street West 22nd Floor
Mtg Recovery Unit & CMHC88772-004488772M5K 1A23500 Steeles Ave. E 4th Flr Twr 1, PO Box 1
MSSB Ontario North East33962-004433962M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W 28th Fl
MSF-Praires28072-004428072M5K 1A255 King St W 22nd Fl
MSF Quebec28662-004428662M5K 1A255 King Street West 22nd Floor
MSF Pacific28472-004428472M5K 1A255 King St W., 22nd Floor
MSF Ontario Other28672-004428672M5K 1A255 King St W., 22nd Floor
MSF Greater Toronto28592-004428592M5K 1A255 King St W., 22nd Floor
MS Acct Mgt & Fullfillmn07330-004407330M5J 2N820 Bay St 3rd Fl
Mortgage Processing13182-004413182M5K 1A255 King St West 22nd Floor
Mortgage Control Centre15412-004415412M5K 1A255 King St W 22nd Floor TD Tower
Moore and Bayview10882-004410882M4G 3T6321 Moore Ave
Moore & Bayview15952-004415952M4G 3T6321 Moore Ave
Merchant Services Segment59470-004459470M5K 1A277 King St W Royal Trust Tower 33 Fl
Merchant Contact Ctr-Fraud & Comp.25612-004425612M5K 1A277 King St W 33rd Fl
Marlee & Stayner14322-004414322M6B 3H7246 Marlee Ave
Marlee & Stayner15922-004415922M6B 3H7246 Marlee Ave
Markham Advanced ARM98372-004498372L3R 0X13500 Steeles Ave E 5th Fl Twr 2
Market Square11982-004411982M5E 1T480 Front Street E
MacLean Hunter Building19362-004419362M5G 2C8777 Bay St at College
London Advanced ARM98602-004498602N6A 4L6380 Wellington St 22nd Fl Twr B
Liberty Village16372-004416372M6K 3N761 Hanna Ave
Leslie & Lakeshore12462-004412462M4M 3C116B Leslie St Unit 1
Lawrence & Keele15802-004415802M6M 4A52390 Keele St
Lakeshore & Third15762-004415762M8V 1H72802 Lakeshore Blvd W
Lake Shore Blvd West At Third St15682-004415682M8V 1H52802 Lake Shore Blvd West
King & Yonge15042-004415042M5H 1A11 King Sreet W & Yonge St
King & Yonge10252-004410252M5K 1A21 King St W
King & Bay Private Banking19692-004419692M5K 1A255 King Street West, 2nd Fl TD Ctr
King & Bay Concourse Level10272-004410272M5K 1A277 King St W Concourse Level 1, PO Box 1
ISD ISPC Bank12542-004412542M5S 1M277 Bloor St W 7th Floor
Investment Lending Services33042-004433042M5K 1A255 King St W, 18th Floor TD Tower
Investment Lending Group11082-004411082M5K 1A255 King St W 28th Floor TD Tower
Invest & Payroll Services12502-004412502M4Y 2T177 Bloor St W 7th Floor
Insurance27452-004427452M5K 1A2100 Wellington St, 5th Floor CUT, POB 1
Import Documentary Credit Services52722-004452722M5K 1A2TD Tower 5th Floor
ICT – Transit-Global Operations00732-004400732M5K 1A266 Wellington St. W 5th Flr TD Tower, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
IB Web Sales35772-004435772M4W 3H133 Bloor St E 4th Floor
HR Relocations51192-004451192M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W CPT 3rd Flr
GTA Central – Region Office15472-004415472M4W 3H133 Bloor St E #700, PO Box 1
Greenwood Beach16602-004416602M4L 3Y31809 Queen Street East
Green Team Start Training Branch75302-004475302M5E 1L168 Yonge St., 7th Fl
Green Line Investor Services Inc16692-004416692M4Y 1A977 Bloor St West 4th Floor
Green Line Investor Services12532-004412532M5S 1M277 Bloor St W 7th Floor, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Green Direct-Waterhouse24072-004424072M4W 3H133 Bloor St E 4th Floor
Global Operations and Technology25012-004425012M5K 1A2222 Bay St, Ernest&Young Twr 15th Fl
Global AML & FIU34062-004434062M5K 1A277 King St W Royal Trust Tower 24th
GBS Payment Services52712-004452712M5K 1A2222 Bay St 15th Flr Ernest&Yonge Twr, P.O. Box 1
Galleria Mall13042-004413042M6H 2A61245 Dupont St
Future builder12552-004412552M4Y 1A977 Bloor street West 4th floor, P.O. Box 1
Fund/Sales Analysis & Planning54412-004454412M4Y 2T177 Bloor St West 7th Fl, CT Tower 32nd Floor
Foresthill Village05072-004405072M5P 2W3443 Spadina Rd
Forest Hill Village14602-004414602M5P 2W3443 Spadina Road
Foreign Collections Dept – ICT73302-004473302M5K 1A266 Wellington St W 5th Fl TD Tower
Financial Restructuring Group10702-004410702M6A 2T13140 Dufferin Street
FIN Shared Serv-Acct OPR21582-004421582M5K 1A255 King St W 24th Floor TDT
Enbridge Gas Distribution Returns75822-004475822M5K 1A255 King St W (& Bay St), POB #1
Employee Banking51892-004451892M5K 1A266 Wellington St W 27th Floor, P O Box 1, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Eglinton Ave W at Keele17482-004417482M6M 1T62623 Eglinton Ave W
Eglinton Ave East at Laird Dr13652-004413652M4G 2L1878 Eglinton Ave East
Eglinton & Laird14162-004414162M4G 2L1878 Eglinton Ave E
Eglinton & Keele14082-004414082M6M 1T62623 Eglinton Ave W
Eglinton & Castleknock13682-004413682M5N 1A6472 Eglinton Ave. W.
Eglinton & Castleknock14002-004414002M5N 1A6472 Eglinton Ave. W.
Eglinton & Bathurst13752-004413752M6C 2B7846 Eglinton Ave W
Eglinton & Bathurst13762-004413762M6C 2B7846 Eglinton Ave W
Eglinton01332-004401332M5N 1A6472 Eglinton Ave
EFS Emily58422-004458422M5K 1A225th Floor TD Tower
Education Centre13702-004413702M5C 1T4110 Yonge St 3rd Floor
EB Clearing Centre52502-004452502M5K 1A2VISA ASC 18th Floor CPT
EasyWeb Business16762-004416762M4W 3H133 Bloor St E 4th Floor
East York Town Centre18282-004418282M4H 1C345 Overlea Blvd
Dupont & Christie13602-004413602M6G 1Z4657 Dupont St
Dundas and Spadina13292-004413292M5T 1H1501 Dundas St W
Dundas & Spadina02572-004402572M5T 1H1501 Dundas St. W
Dundas & Spadina13282-004413282M5T 1H1501 Dundas St W
Dundas & Runnymede13202-004413202M6S 2S13422 Dundas St W
Dundas & Ossington13362-004413362M6J 1X21140 Dundas St W
Dufferin Mall In Store Wal-Mart15352-004415352M6H 2A61245 Dupont Street
Dufferin and Apex12962-004412962M6A 2T13140 Dufferin St
Dufferin & Apex06852-004406852M6A 2T13140 Dufferin Street
Direct Trade Investments43212-004443212M5K 1A266 Wellington St W, 7th Floor TD Twr
Direct Trade FX35552-004435552M5K 1N8RTT 16 Floor 77 King St West
Debit Payments63442-004463442M5K 1A266 Wellington St W 26th Flr TBT
Danforth Ave at Dewhurst Blvd12452-004412452M4J 1L9890 Danforth Ave
Danforth Ave & Woodbine Ave12402-004412402M4C 1J92080 Danforth Ave
Danforth & Woodbine12682-004412682M4C 1J92080 Danforth Ave
Danforth & Logan12562-004412562M4K 1P4480 Danforth Ave
Danforth & Dewhurst12482-004412482M4J 1L9890 Danforth Ave
Danforth & Broadview12492-004412492M4K 2P8807 Broadview Ave
Credit Risk Management13942-004413942M5K 1A266 Wellington St W 6th Flr
Coxwell & O’Connor12322-004412322M4C 3G51050 Coxwell Ave
Corporate Banking Canada12342-004412342M5K 1A255 King St W, TD Tower 38th Flr
Corp Services Finance16982-004416982M5K 1A255 King St West 21st Fl
Core Banking Operations Support46662-004446662M5K 1A279 Wellington St 14th TD Waterhouse
Core Banking Deposits88782-004488782M5K 1A266 Wellington Street
Communications & Training61662-004461662M5H 1T1120 Adelaide St W 6th Floor
Commercial Mortgage Group17292-004417292M5K 1A255 King Street W 39th Floor TD Tower
Commercial Deposits Products21562-004421562M5K 1A2100 Wellington St 29th Fl CPT
Commercial Banking Centre19442-004419442M5S 1M277 Bloor St. W.
College & Bay12242-004412242M5G 2C8777 Bay St
CNA-Automotive Diversified Ind95412-004495412M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W CP Tower 26th Fl
CNA-Admin27332-004427332M5K 1A2Restructure & Corp Fin, 100 Wellington st W CP Tower 26th Fl
CNA Diversified Industries92012-004492012M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W CP Tower 26th Fl
CNA Cash Management31272-004431272M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W 26th FI CPT
CMG – Admin57842-004457842M5K 1A266 Wellington Street West 39th Floor
CL/C/Coll52752-004452752M5K 1A2222 Bay St. 15th Fl.
City Place12282-004412282M5V 3V4363 Bremner Blvd
Church & Wellington12082-004412082M5K 1A255 King St. W
Church & Wellesley12202-004412202M4Y 1G765 Wellesley St East
Chief Acct’s Dept – Clearing Only00942-004400942M5K 1A255 King Street W, 16th Flr TD Tower
CBD Sundry Cost Centre23942-004423942M5K 1A2100 Wellington St. W 27th Floor, P.O. Box #1
Carlton St12442-004412442M5B 1L321 Carlton St.
Brimley & Sheppard11752-004411752M1S 5X12101 Brimley Rd, 2098 Brimley Rd
Bloor St West at Jane St11552-004411552M6S 1P92440 Bloor St West
Bloor & Sherbourne11152-004411152M4W 1H4420 Bloor St East
Bloor & Sherbourne11192-004411192M4W 1H4420 Bloor St East
Bloor & Sherbourne11682-004411682M4W 1H4420 Bloor St E
Bloor & Runnymede11602-004411602M6S 1P22322 Bloor St W
Bloor & Jane11442-004411442M6S 1P92440 Bloor St W
Bloor & Bay03182-004403182M5S 1M277 Bloor St. W.
Bloor & Bay11042-004411042M5S 1M277 Bloor St W
Bloor & Bathurst10962-004410962M6G 1K1574 Bloor St West
BB Sales Support18362-004418362M5K 1A2100 Wellington St W CPT 27th Flr
Bay & Queen12162-004412162M5H 2Y3394 Bay St
Bathurst and St Clair17602-004417602M6C 1A2510 St Clair Ave West
Balance Reduction Project08362-004408362M5K 1A266 Wellington St W 24th Flr TDT
Avenue & Davenport10402-004410402M5R 3S4165 Avenue Rd
AMM Builder33232-004433232M5K 1A255 King St W TDT 22nd Fl
Adelaide & York19922-004419922M5H 3L5141 Adelaide St W
71202-004471202M5K 1A255 King St W TD Tower 22nd Fl
19162-004419162M5R 2H7165 Avenue Rd @ Davenport

What is Transit Number?

Transit number or MICR number known for check processing. It appears in the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks to determine financial institution, it draws. Paper (MICR) routing number is determined by a three-digit number and a five financial institutions the number of branches.

Example :XXXXX-YYY
XXXXX : Branch Number
YYY : Institution Number

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

Routing Number

The Routing Number is used for domestic transfer. To make money transfer, the Routing Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient. For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Routing Number and Account Number.